Saturday, November 09, 2013

Poor Wages

This is the third time this week the Liter has had to lay into Iowa's Junior Senator, CommieTommie Harkin.

What are we going to write about when he retires?

I have no doubt some Dummycrat will fuel the fodder and the scientific community is united in that fact

CommieTommie's latest crusade is increasing the federal minimum wage, by 40%, to over $10 an hour.

If passed, the bill would also automatically raise the minimum wage each year to reflect changes in the cost of living.

It appears to be a CYA move by Dummycrats --

Democratic senators weighed the plan after being deluged with letters and calls from constituents complaining that Obamacare has cost them their chosen health care plans and required hefty premium and deductible increases, in some cases doubling, tripling or quadrupling health insurance costs.

More economic recovery from the same folks who brought you Obamacare, this can only turn out terrific.

CommieTommie, who chairs the committee that deals with labor issues, told CNN that he acknowledges there are "a few" Democrats who have "legitimate concerns" about the increase. He declined to specify what they were.

Republicans will have concerns too, but it will be hard for Harkin to acknowledge those as being "legitimate".


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