Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking For A Job

Reelected to his job last November, CONgressman Bruce Braley took the oath of office this month stating that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

Braley claims to take that oath very seriously, but was able to skip work to be in Des Moines to meet privately with Democrats in the Iowa House and Senate about running for the seat occupied by CommieTommie Harkin.

Today, Braley is back in D.C. to meet with two top Democratic leaders, Harry Reid and Michael Bennet (chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) about a possible candidacy for U.S. Senate.

At least now he's in the same city as his current job and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Now he just needs to figure out if his March NCAA basketball tournament “Sweet 16” and “Elite 8” $5,000 double-header package is for his current job or the new one he'll be seeking.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Save The Country

It's a sad day when John Kerry gets confirmed by the U.S. Senate 94-3, to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

We've gone from the ridiculous to the sublime and the scientific community is united in that fact

You Said

Here are some stupid things said by stupid people that made the media recently.

Connie Ryan-Terrell of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund opposed putting a flat-tax option in the Iowa code for fear it would “be tweaked” in the future to become the basis for taxing income in Iowa.

Catch a clue Connie, the subject was Iowa's income tax system.

In the same article, the "Dumbass" that is David Goodner said --

“because we believe a flat tax is a regressive, race-to-the-bottom proposal that overwhelmingly benefits the very rich at the expense of everyday people and hardworking families. Iowa’s very wealthy have a responsibility to pay their fair share of taxes, and this proposal does not make them do that. We support fair taxes, not flat taxes, and ask that this bill not move forward.”

To Goodner (Reasons To Quit) and his ilk, fair taxes are ones they don't pay, but reap the benefits of and the scientific community is united in that fact

Elsewhere, Harry Reid said -- “Always consider the source. All anyone here has to look at is the source where this comes from.”

This comment came when the press asked about the possibility of an FBI investigation of Senator Bob Menendez (Dummycrat/New Jersey).

Let's hope the media keeps that quote in mind when Harry says some of his stupid shit, like he did, about people not paying any taxes for a 10 year period, or a major insurance company.

We Gotta Get You A Woman

Jean Lloyd-Jones, a Democratic former state senator from Iowa City and Maggie Tinsman, a Republican former state senator from Bettendorf are co-founders of 50-50 in 2020.

These two issued a press release urging both Republicans and Democrats to nominate women from their parties to fill vacancies that may open up in Congress, such as the seat currently occupied by CommieTommie Harkin.

In the release were 10 potential Iowa candidates: Des Moines attorney Roxanne Conlin, a Democrat; Iowa Economic Development Director Debi Durham, a Republican; Des Moines City Councilwoman Chris Hensley, a Republican; Iowa Senate President Pam Jochum, a Democrat; former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge, a Democrat; former U.S. Ambassador Mary Kramer, a Republican; former Lt Gov. Sally Pederson, a Democrat; current Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican; Iowa House Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer, a Republican; and former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack, a Democrat.

Jean Lloyd-Jones said in the statement, “Since Iowa is one of four states which has never elected a woman to Congress, this seems like a good opportunity to rid ourselves of that dubious distinction.” 

Dubious are some of the ladies on your list and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Rozanne, err Taxanne Conlin is already a two time loser, Patty Judge folded early in the 2006 Dummycrat Governor primary and then teamed up with the Big Lug Nut, Chris Hensley can't get elected Mayor of Des Moines and Christie Vilsack just got her hat handed to her by Steve King.

Step outside in some arctic temperatures and chill.

The goal should be electing qualified women, not just quota women.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Black Superman

Last week (Over You) we learned that during President Obama's first term the unionization rate -- the percentage of American workers belonging to unions -- declined faster than during two terms of President George W. Bush.

Going into the last elections, many knew that the black/white wealth gap has widened; the black unemployment rate has risen to alarming proportions, especially in inner cities; the home foreclosure crisis has hit the black community with fiercely disproportionate consequences; poor black and brown communities continue to be devastated by crime. The murder of black and brown youth is commonplace, even just blocks from Obama's Chicago mansion and his new home in the stately White House. At the same time, public education for blacks has deteriorated drastically.

Now, it's finally starting to dawn on Obama's base --

NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama

More proof that Obama was re-elected by an illiterate electorate and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Although, the reality wouldn't have mattered to these Useful Idiots

Monday, January 28, 2013

Dollars And Cents (Sense)

Being the Spendocrats that they are, Iowa Dummycrats don't want you to have any of your money back in any way, shape or form.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Legislative Republicans are confident that a massive tax break could return up to $375 to every taxpayer in the state and stand as the defining accomplishment of Iowa’s 85th General Assembly.

That tax break would come in the form of a non refundable tax credit.

That means, for example, if a married couple’s state income tax liability was $1,000, they would receive a $750 tax credit, reducing the amount they were actually required to pay to $250. If a payer’s burden was less than $375, he would receive a credit equal only to his actual bill.

Dummycrat House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said -- “I’m not saying we object to folks getting relief, But draining the entire savings account is also not necessarily the best in terms of fiscal responsibility.”

Said the man who supported the Big Lug Nut's I-Jobs borrowing scam.

I would hope that McCarthy knows that the cash reserves created from Iowa's Expenditure Limitation Law are the states savings account, but maybe he doesn't.

State Senator William Dotzler (Dummycrat Waterloo) stated -- “Heck, I could use $750 — I’m looking at getting a new big-screen TV.”

Your not getting a check, Moron.

Dummycrat Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal -- “I guess I can say I am not surprised it does nothing for those on the lowest rung of the economic ladder.”

The GOP plan provides a break for everyone, whether they paid $1 in taxes or $1 million, but provides a much larger proportional benefit to lower-income taxpayers than those with higher incomes.

In the real world, if you overpay any bill, that extra amount is either applied as a credit to future billing or is refunded back to you.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cold Beer Country

Nebraska Students Call For Beer Company Boycott

Students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Creighton University and Creighton Prep are calling for a public boycott of Anheuser-Busch products because of their sales to beer stores in the town of Whiteclay.

The students say they want to end beer sales in Whiteclay, which sits on the border of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where alcohol is banned. Activists say the town is responsible for alcohol-related social problems on the reservation, home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Yeah, it's the beer and the town's fault for forcing the fluid in their faces and the scientific community is united in that fact.

I bet it's just the students that weren't at Friday Afternoon Club.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On

In the depths of a cold Iowa winter, the sun is shining a lot brighter this day and the wind doesn't blow nearly so cold.

Tom Harkin, Iowa’s powerful Democratic U.S. senator, won’t seek re-election in two years

CommieTommie Harkin decided to call it quits, saying he made his decision a couple nights, after all the grandkids had gone to sleep and he was climbing into bed for the night with his wife, Ruth.

TOO MUCH INFO, Tommie and the scientific community is united in that fact.

CommieTommie continued -- one of his top reasons for retiring is to give himself  more time with Ruth. “I’m going to learn to dance".

Don't expect to see Tommie Bahama on Dancing With The Stars as he takes up the Bahamian Quadrille and the Heel and Toe Polka.

So long to St. Thomas of Equine Ass and his steak fry.

Or, I should say, Dasvidania Comrade.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Talk That Talk

Speaking against the filibuster, CommieTommie Harkin went on for 67 minutes.

Sort of a mini-filibuster and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Under current senate rules, a single senator can block progress on a bill unless 60 senators vote to end debate. Harkin calls that “tyranny by the minority” because even if a bill has the required 51 votes to pass the senate, it can die by filibuster.

Twice the super majority did not listen to CommieTommie because, the Senate approved a deal Thursday that will keep the chamber’s long-standing 60-vote threshold for halting a filibuster.

The proposal passed on two separate votes — 78 to 16 and 86 to 9.

Harkin must have talked himself to confusion, as he voted  YEA, versus NAY, on Senate Resolution 15 and 16.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Star Spangled Banner

If Beyonce was just going to lip sync the National Anthem, for Obama's second coming, they should have gone with Whitney Houston's version.

That way everyone would know it wasn't live and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Plus, they could have raised funds for soldiers and families, or first responders, as was previously done.

Over You

One can't help but appreciate the irony in this news story.

The Labor Department publishes 2012 data showing that during President Obama's first term the unionization rate -- the percentage of American workers belonging to unions -- declined faster than during two terms of President George W. Bush.

According to a columnist for the Washington Examiner --

The lesson is that whether you like unions or not, anti-business policies drive jobs offshore. That's why union membership has fared worse under Obama than under Bush.

The number of Iowa union members declined 6.5 percent last year to 145,000 over 2011 

It doesn't help the cause when you have goons like Danny Homan, the President of ASSME, as your public face and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Ol' 55

Another milestone birthday on the highway of life.

It's a good thing I can't drive 55.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawaiian Air

The sun has set on another Hawaiian holiday and all we're left with is memories of Maui.

That blows

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

The temperature change has been some of the most dramatic

Break On Through (To The Other Side)

Oh crap, how does something like this happen?

Door malfunction traps woman in restroom

A woman was trapped inside the Iowa Democratic Party’s restroom for over four hours before Des Moines police officers kicked out the glass on an exterior door and then kicked in the bathroom door to rescue her.

I'd be so pissed and the scientific community is united in that fact.

This would be even funnier if they hadn't been doing so well in elections lately.