Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome To My Nightmare?

In a speech that lasted three minutes and utilized two heavy-duty teleprompters, President Obama introduced Alan Krueger as the head of the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

He might as well have put Freddy Krueger in the position, because I don't think he could hack up the economy anymore than Obama and crew have already done.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Krueger, Alan, is from Princeton University.

Just like his predecessor Austan Goolsbee, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other economic advisers such as Larry Summers and Christina Romer, Krueger is someone else from the Ivy League.

Here's what Thomas Sowell had to say about Obama and his Ivy Leaguers on Christmas Eve 2008 --

People who are impressed by how many of Barack Obama's advisors have Ivy League degrees seem not to remember how many people with Ivy League degrees mismanaged the Vietnam war and how many people with Ivy League degrees mismanaged economic policy during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Also as telling, from the same column -- Ronald Reagan had a vision of America. Barack Obama has a vision of Barack Obama.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pay To The Piper

The Wise Ass (Oops) Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, should have made sure all his i's were dotted and his t's crossed before he decided to brag about wanting to pay more in taxes.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

It's bad enough that we've shown Buffett to be a hypocrite when it comes to his personal finances (Money In The Bank), Buffett's business (Berkshire Hathaway) hasn’t paid what it’s already owed for years.

“We anticipate that we will resolve all adjustments proposed by the US Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) for the 2002 through 2004 tax years ... within the next 12 months,” the firm’s annual report says.

It also cites outstanding tax issues for 2005 through 2009.

Earlier this month, Berkshire Hathaway reported net earnings surged to $3.4 billion, from $2 billion a year ago.

Resolve this adjustment

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Point Of Know Return

Cedar Rapids Gazette communist, err columnist Todd Boreman, err Dorman defends the half of the country that pays no federal income taxes.

Our real tax problem — cushy subsistence

Just like all fiberals in the know, Dorman completely misses the point and the scientific community is united in that fact.

This issue only arises for this conservative when the leftists seek higher taxes , or as Dorman likes to write "more revenue" and "new revenues", out of fairness and shared sacrifice.

Dorman also finds no fault with the 30 percent of American households that actually made money from the tax system by way of the refundable tax credit.

By 2012 this could be the first election in which the majority of voters will be able to vote themselves more government largess paid for by a minority of taxpayers. We may soon have to re-jigger the American Revolution’s familiar rallying cry into: “Representation Without Taxation!”

Saturday, August 27, 2011


There's irony in finding this story on the MSNBC web site and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Study: An hour of TV can shorten your life by 22 minutes

Friday, MSNBC brought on onetime New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to discuss Hurricane Preparedness, not once but twice.

He's an expert alright, on how not to handle an emergency situation.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Money In The Bank

Warren Buffett chose to invest $5 billion in Bank of America instead of the bank that is America, the United States Treasury.

The Wise Ass (Oops) Oracle of Omaha was challenged by Pat Buchanan to set an example and send a check for $5 billion to the federal government, after Buffett complained about being under taxed.

Financial Management Services, a bureau of the Treasury Department, accepts unconditional gifts "from individuals wishing to express their patriotism to the United States."

If Buffett doesn't want to write a check to the Treasury, Credit Accounting Branch 3700 East-West Highway, Room 622D
Hyattsville, MD 20782
, he could voluntarily quit taking so many tax deductions.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

A CPA found that for Buffett's 2010 tax return he uses the maximum 30% charitable contribution deduction each year – for appreciated property – and he has a $10 billion carryover of charitable contributions for subsequent use too.

Buffett’s 30% charity tax deduction offsets his entire ordinary income, and next it offsets his lower long-term capital gains income. Hence, he pays approximately 15% long term capital gains tax rates only, and – as he likes to say – it’s a lower tax rate than others in his office pay.

Without that charitable tax deduction of appreciated shares wiping out his ordinary income, Buffett would pay the same tax rate as others on his wages and other ordinary income too.

Buffett also avoids nasty alternative minimum taxes (AMT) of 28%.

The charity tax deduction seems to save Buffett around $3.3 million of federal income taxes each year.

Much bigger tax savings comes from the estate tax currently at 35%. Buffett’s approximate $10 billion-plus of charity times 35% equals more than $3.5 billion of one-time estate tax savings.

Buffett’s double-dip tax loophole of donating appreciated shares to charity also saves him 15% long-term capital gains taxes on the embedded capital gains in the shares he donates.

For discussion purposes, assume that appreciation is approximately $20 billion, and that would save him another $3 billion in income taxes.

The total, for 2010, donated to the United States Government to reduce debt held by the public was $2,840,466.75.

Buffett should be interested to note that payments to specifically help reduce the government's debts are tax-deductible.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Revenue Man Blues?

Earlier this week CONgressman Bruce Braley called for revenue enhancements to reduce the deficit.

Now, Braley is critical of those who don't want to extend a tax break costing the federal government around $120 billion in uncollected revenue.

He brays out of both sides of his ass and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Extend the tax break, because --
Before you "ask" for more tax money from me and others, raise the $2.2 trillion you already collect each year more fairly and spend it more wisely. Then you'll need less of my money.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice?

Christie Vilsack is set to announce a policy proposal this morning in Sioux City.

Vilsack will call for doubling the number of apprentices across the country.

After all that time listening, her first proposal is a gift to the AFL-CIO and the scientific community is united in that fact.

CommieTommie Harkin floated a similiar meme in a love fest, err interview on KCCI Wednesday.

It was also mentioned during a roundtable discussion in Cedar Rapids on Monday.

“You can’t beat it,” Matthew Fisher of Cedar Rapids IBEW Local 204, said about apprenticeships programs.

I wonder if she'll change the name from a similar program in Britain, The Growth Investment Fund (GIF), unveiled earlier this year and deemed vital for the future of the economy according to union leaders.

Christie, in the words of Donald Trump

Although, technically, you'll never be hired by the voters of the new 4th Congressional District.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wasted On The Way

Stating the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA or Stimulus) “needs a booster shot", CONgressman Bruce Braley and CommieTommie Harkin are calling for more federal spending.

The Dummycrat duo claims the last round
created 5,000 jobs in Iowa.

Actually, per the Recovery.gov web site, 4,645 jobs were reported.

Close enough for government workers and the scientific community is united in that fact.

How much did that last round cost us?

From February 17, 2009 to June 30, 2011 the total amount spent in Iowa is $2,180,532,663.

That equals, according to my considerable math cyphering skills, $469,436 per job.

In a no less surprising move, this Dummycrat duo also called for tax increases, or in their lingo,
revenue enhancements.

We don't have a "revenue enhancement" problem, we have a SPENDING problem!

For my money, and some of it is, this response to Warren Buffett says it all succinctly.

Before you "ask" for more tax money from me and others, raise the $2.2 trillion you already collect each year more fairly and spend it more wisely. Then you'll need less of my money.


Boss Hogg and the Iowa Climate Advocates are bringing their climate act to the metro tonight.

Energy/pollution reduction meeting Wednesday in Windsor Heights

The group is billed as Iowans working to educate the public about the dangers of climate change and who advocate for change.

Maybe it's my education, and the scientific community is united in that fact, but how do I know the change they advocate is not a danger?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bat Out Of Hell

Batshit crazy Maxine Waters made news by telling the Tea Party to go straight to hell.

That's because the Tea Party wants to put an end to the family profiteering and corruption, at federal expense, the CONgresswoman has been involved in.

Tea Party reforms would also mean reductions for the welfare class that makes up her district and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Waters bragged that -- I'm not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. I'm not afraid of anybody.

It was just last week that Waters told a gathering in Detroit --
"If we go after the president too hard, you're going after us".

Sounds like she knows fear.


I certainly hope the Legion Arts CSPS hall (Czech and Slovak Prudential Society) in Cedar Rapids will bestow an honor truly fitting of the Big Lug Nut.

Loo and behold an Honorary toilet.

The newly renovated hall is reopening, Thanks to a $4.8 million I-JOBS grant from the state, and are selling the naming rights to its shiny new toilets.

Come on, do the wipe thing...err right thing.

You'd still be in the crapper without Culver's signature piece of legislation (borrowing scam), the least you can do is name a commode for him.

Just don't let him sit down on the plexiglass toilet.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

It's probably more asspropos, err apropos than naming a Community Services Building after him.

This isn't the first, or probably the last time, we've advocated naming a throne after the BLN.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Electric Blue

After dinner, last evening, I turned on the tube to watch the weather forecast.

Since it was 5:30 p.m. (in the evening), the only local telecast was WOI.

They aired a story on the renovation and reopening of the Franklin Avenue Library in Des Moines.

The story highlighted Plug-ins for electric cars as a library feature.

In Des Moines?

Costco, in California, is pulling its chargers out of the ground, explaining that customers do not use them.

I'm thinking warming wacko Mayor Frank Clownie, err Cownie had something to do with that and the scientific community is united in that fact.

One has to wonder how much the taxpayers got zapped for this green feature.

The report also made it seem like the library is reserving special parking spots for low emitting & fuel efficient vehicles only.

At least that's what a sign stated in their video piece.

Makes Me Wonder

With The Pickle spending so much time in Iowa recently, I couldn't help but wonder why the press didn't press him on some issues.

Federal officials said they turned up a dangerous form of salmonella at a Cargill Inc. turkey plant last year, and then four times this year at stores selling the Cargill turkey, but didn't move for a recall until an outbreak killed one person and sickened 77 others.

In May 2010, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the USDA will be issuing new performance standards designed to reduce the prevalence of Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry.

At the Fair, Vilsack bragged about spending cuts he's made in the Department of Agriculture, like streamlining cell phone contracts and e-mail processes.

Vilsack says it's saved millions. “Now we can make them and we can make this USDA more efficient, more effective, more customer focused more focused on our core competencies."

Yet, The U.S. Department of Agriculture is paying $112 million in tax money to farmers and ranchers in 11 Western states to restore the habitat of the Sage Grouse, a bird that has not been listed as either threatened or endangered under the federal Endangered Species law because the government says there are too many of them.

That sounds like a core incompetency and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Keep in Mind that Vilsack's Ag Department is spending money on a “cultural transformation” that includes a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Special Emphasis Program.

Finally, What about Food Stamps as economic stimulus?

Wing Ding

North Iowa Dummycrats recently held their annual Wing Ding with Christie Vilsack as the featured speaker.

The Mason City Globe Gazette didn't report what Vilsack told those in attendance, so it couldn't have been that noteworthy and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Vilsack's probably just continuing her listening tour.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taxman, Mr. Thief

Film Producer Harvey Weinstein (pictured) agrees with Warren Buffett about being under taxed.

I'm happy to make an investment in America - I don't look at is as a tax evil, I just say okay, if I have to pay a little bit more, we'll get it back just like when Obama saved the auto industry ... I agree with Warren Buffett. It's time to volunteer.

It looks like someone needs to look up the meaning of the word volunteer.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Weinstein recently volunteered to open his home and throw a fundraising dinner honoring President Obama where tickets cost $35,800 per person.

Why hasn't Weinstein held a fundraising dinner honoring the Taxman?

A new study, by the Tax Foundation, found that taxing millionaires at an effective tax rate of 50 percent would raise only $120 billion more.

The study also found, the only way for the government to solve its fiscal issues with revenue would be to confiscate every single dollar from every single American making $200,000 or more per year.

Of course we'd still be in a hole, because the government would still be spending money.

Over the entire post World War II era through 2009, each dollar of new tax revenue was associated with $1.17 in new spending.

Lastly, Weinstein may have watched too many movies --

It's not like paying more that you don't get it back ... You come in, you rescue the country, you help the country, and then the better economy means that more people go to the movies, more people buy DVDs, more people watch our TV shows and we get it back in a million different ways.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Working Class Hero?

An upcoming forum called "Rebuilding America's Middle Class"will offer CommieTommie Harkin a chance to meet with constituents (or consituents as the Mason City Globe Gazette wrote).

What the hell does the 29th Richest Member of CONgress know about the Middle Class?

Times for CommieTommie turned tough again, as he's down four spaces (that's four spaces, four spaces, four spaces, four spaces) from last years 25th spot.

This may lend credence to the double dip recession talk, and the scientific community is united in that fact, as the junior Senator's minimum value of total assets fell from $10.45 Million to $10.28 Million.

He probably wasn't able to rent out his place in the Bahamas as often.

Eight Days A Week?

Restaurant Week began, for the Des Moines dining area, yesterday and concludes on August 28.

10 days is longer than a week and the scientific community is united in that fact.

It must be following in the tradition of the Capital One Bowl Week.

I'm going to need a Happy Hour to help with the headache.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The World Needs A Drink

The President was prevented from drinking with the press corps in Davenport during his bus tour.

Secret Service keeps Obama from night out

Obama was planning to slip away and join the reporters for a pint or two but was stymied when his Secret Service detail got wind of the plan.

For most Presidents this would be fraternizing with the enemy and the scientific community is united in that fact.

White House staffers, including Press Secretary Jay Carney, were part of the after hours clique.

Obama opined, “I hope Jay picked up the tab.”

Nope, the reporters on the plane quickly retorted in unison.

The President replied, “That’s terrible. That’s shameful”.

There's nothing the media likes more than free booze.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Commie And The Jets

I noticed this story in Wednesday's Ragister.

Rally in Iowa to support makers of corporate jets

The entire Iowa Congressional delegation, with the exception of CommieTommie Harkin and Dave No Sack...err Loebsack, were going to attend.

Apparently, invitations to the event were extended to the entire delegation in the first week of June.

I'm guessing No Sack was a No Show because he's losing Cedar Rapids and Linn County where Rockwell Collins Flight Operations Center are located.

As for CommieTommie, Harkin recently railed against corporate jet owners in his opposition to the recent debt ceiling increase.

It would be hypocritical of the former combat fighter pilot...err ferry pilot to be there, although he doesn't have a problem with his wife Ruth riding in them, and the scientific community is united in that fact, unless it goes skidding off the runway.


The Ragister has a guest communist, err columnist piece penned by Hugh Espey (isn't that a sports channel award?).

Iowans must ask tough questions of political leaders

Espey is is the executive director of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI, that's ICKY to us).

I don't think Iowans have a problem with questioning, or even tough questioning.

They do grow tired of these Fiberal Dummycrat front groups that enjoy being in your face confrontational and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Pictured is Joe Fagan, the founding director of ICKY err ICCI, and one of the agitators during Mitt Romney's recent Iowa State Fair visit.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

See You In September

Earlier this month the White House announced they would "pivot" to jobs.

Yesterday, a senior administration official said President Obama will give a major speech in early September to unveil new ideas for speeding up job growth.

Why the delay?

Well the President does have that 11 day vacation coming up in Martha's Vineyard and then there's Labor Day weekend.

The press has picked up on the jobs "pivot" pattern -- For the last two and a half years here as the White House correspondent for ABC News, it feels like every couple of months I am reporting that the White House is announcing that they are pivoting to a jobs agenda...Jake Tapper.

Politico says -- the jobs agenda is something President Obama "has tried to resurrect at least a half-dozen times in the past two years."

Let me put this in basketball terms, since that's President's game, a player that slow in the pivot would find his butt on the bench and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Let's go to the video tape

Another One Rides The Bus

It was an interesting spin that the Ragister's Jason Clayworth (holding the pitchfork) put on President Obama's rural bus tour.

Independent voter Kim Powell received a call from Republicans last night that made the accusation that President Obama’s visit to Iowa today is a taxpayer-paid trip.

This may come as a surprise to the newspaper reporter, but it is a taxpayer paid trip and the scientific community is united in that fact.

The accusation is that this bus tour is nothing more than a campaign swing through key 2012 states and should be paid for by the Obama campaign.

Even Dummycrat operative Bob Beckel admitted it is a campaign trip.

Clayworth used to shill for the Big Lug Nut, before his defeat, it's nice to see he's been able to segue to Obama's re-election.

Here's hoping he suffers the same fate.

Sunday Will Never Be The Same

Chris contributed to this post when she sent me the Business Record's Daily AM e-mail.

She noted on the KCCI weather map link that Sunday is a very popular day.

So much for TGIF and the scientific community is united in that fact.

At least everyone can finally now look forward to those 3 day weekends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do The Bus Stop

This headline from President Obama's bus tour is telling.

Obama in Cannon Falls, Minnesota on fixing the economy: Not that hard

Then be like Nike -- JUST DO IT and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Last week Obama said -- “This is not rocket science in terms of how we can create more jobs in this country.”

Thanks Mr. 9.1% unemployment rate.

A vast majority of Americans (Fourty-four percent of American adults, and 46 percent of registered voters) agree with Obama that -- "You guys deserve better" as they definitely will not vote for Obama's reelection.

Piece Of Work

The Wise Ass (Oops) Oracle of Omaha went on his soap box again.

Stop Coddling the Super-Rich

I first wrote about Warren Buffett wanting the government to force him to pay more in taxes in 2007 and noted at the time, there's no law that prohibits Buffett from paying more in taxes.

Uncle Sam is still waiting on his check, so put your money where your mouth is and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Pat Buchanan challenged Buffett to set an example and send a check for $5 billion to the federal government.

Others note how Buffett profits from the taxes he supports, such as the inheritance tax, and how Buffett profits from government spending.

Interestingly, Buffett chose to leave most of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and, thus, avoided an estate tax that could potentially give 55 percent of his wealth to Uncle Sam.

Lastly, Buffett's plan would increase the nation's revenue by only about $50 billion a year.

Each year, the U.S. spends $1.3 trillion more than it collects in taxes.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


My friend Cal (Freedom's pal) and I went to the Iowa Straw Poll and each collected a commemorative t-shirt for our Tim Pawlenty votes.

Actually, the BBQ wasn't awful, plus you can never go wrong with a Dairy Queen Blizzard and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Some other sights and sounds from our day included...

Jennifer Jacobs of the Ragister was standing near our Pawlenty shuttle when we got off. Jacobs asked where we were from and I told her Des Moines. She asked if the whole bus had come from Des Moines and I told her it was a shuttle from the Ames Wal Mart.

Jacobs wrote that, No one could get on a Tim Pawlenty campaign bus this morning unless they signed a pledge promising to vote for the former Minnesota governor and showed a photo ID, which is required to vote at the Iowa Straw Poll.

It's not the first time Jacobs has gotten the facts wrong.

I did not sign any pledge and our bus captain asked if everyone was supporting the Governor, but he stated they'd be able to ride to the Straw Poll either way.

T-Paw greeted us while his staff handed out those now historic shirts.

While waiting in the long line to vote, Michael Barone (Washington Examiner) walked by and I mentioned I read his writing. Barone commented on my Viva La Reagan Revolucion shirt and said something in Spanish, to which I replied -- Si.

After voting, we headed to The Iowa Republican's tent and along the way passed Newt Gingrich.
Cal shook his hand and told him what a great job he had done at the debate.

At the TIR tent, I introduced myself to Christie Vilsack's number one nightmare, for now, Kevin Hall.

Kevin said some nice things about the Liter and I reciprocated about his writing.

Listened to my current, and next, Congressman Tom Latham before wondering off.

We were nearly run down by Ron Paul's golf carts, complete with suited up goon squad.

I was disappointed the Party used a Warren County Dummycrat, Steve Mathews, as their voice talent(?) during the program inside Hilton.

I sure hope they didn't pay him, as Mathews gave $200 to Staci Appel-sauce for brains last August, $100 to Mark Davitt in 2008 (both lost to Kent Sorenson) and $175 to Steve Richardson in 2000. I'm sure there have been other contributions, especially to the county party.

It will be interesting to see how the next few months play out.

I guess I'll support Rick Santorum, if he can hang in there, and wait for the oncoming Michele Bachmann melt down (she's been close already) and Ron Paul's continued devolution.

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry will only receive my support if they are the nominee.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Viva La Vida

I'm breaking out the classic Viva La Reagan Revolucion Tee for today's Iowa Straw Poll.

The shirt never fails to deliver on positive comments, or compliments.

This is better, for me, than the Iowa State Fair and one of the few times that Story County is less Socialist.

And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Play My Record

I'm not going to go in depth into last night's Republican debate, for that read The Iowa Republican for Kevin Hall's & Craig Robinson's impressions.

As for impressions, I thought Jon Huntsman was doing his best Don Knotts as the Shakiest Gov From The West.

Huntsman's voice and body seemed to shake with every response, that always included he was proud of his record.

I can see Seth Meyers and Saturday Night Live having a field day with a Huntsman skit, but he won't be around long enough for it to be worth it and the scientific community is united in that fact.

I loved Newt Gingrich, you can never go wrong attacking the media at a Republican event.

Rick Santorum was fantastic, up until he mentioned beating 3 Dummycrat incumbents. As an incumbent, Santorum was soundly beaten in 2006.

Ron Paul continues to be an embarrassment, especially with his foolish belief that if we just focus solely on our borders everything else in the world will be hunky dory.

Herman Cain remains a great speaker, Mitt Romney lost me in 2006 and will only get me back if he is the nominee.

Michele Bachmann is a lightweight.

I'm most comfortable with Tim Pawlenty and that's who I'll be voting for on Saturday.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eat Steak?

Steak frying(?) for the 34th annual year, CommieTommie Harkin has announced his featured guest is Paul Begala (YAWN) and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Harkin Steak Fry to feature commentator Begala

I'm surprised steak is on Begala's diet as he's a fan of Wiener.

I guess that is considered tube steak.

As usual, the Liter will hold its annual steak grilling (how steak should be cooked) as a protest that same day.

Wednesday Lover?

Apparently the Iowa Dummycrat Party needed a day off from their riveting series of roundtables (Taken In? & Tears For Fears) as the Liter could locate no press coverage and the scientific community is united in that fact.

It's so bad, even the Iowa Dummycrat party's own web site hasn't devoted any coverage to these events.

The blog was last updated on Monday August 8 and their focus now seems to be on the Iowa State Fair.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tears For Fears

Day 2 of the weak, err week long Iowa Dummycrat Party's need to be relevant moved from Davenport (Taken In?) to Cedar Rapids.

Democrats point to "terrifed" elderly

Democrats love to terrify the elderly and the scientific community is united in that fact.

One senior objected to proposals to reduce entitlement spending with these words of wis-dumb --

"I don't consider them an entitlement. I am entitled to them because I paid for them out of every paycheck all of my life".

Entitled to a non entitlement?

Has Lewis Black heard this?

"If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college."

Never mind that Dummycrats and the media demagogued Republican budget efforts that would save Medicare from total bankruptcy in 2024 while trimming $6 trillion of red ink which would have averted S&P's downgrade.

Former state legislator, current candidate and business owner, Art Staed should have stayed quiet as he admitted he doesn't offer employees health-care coverage.

I can't wait for Day 3.

Rocket Man?

At a $15,000 per family fundraiser Monday, President Obama told contributors --

This is not rocket science in terms of how we can create more jobs in this country.”

Big words, and the scientific community is united in that fact, from the man who has presided over 30 consecutive months in which the unemployment rate has been 8% or higher.

This from an administration that believes JOBS is a three letter word!

More JO BS

The Count Five?

Tips to save money, or improve efficiency will almost always get my attention.

This article in the Quad City Times was no exception

10 tips to avoid AC trouble

They then proceed to list five numbered tips.

Even counting the tips within the tips, I came up with 8 and the scientific community is united in that fact.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Taken In?

In search of relevancy, the Iowa Dummycrat Party
has initiated a series of events across the state.

Democrats launch series of rountables criticizing GOP agenda

Once such event featured a retired school teacher who sought to highlight how investments in (public) education pay off for the economy, pointing to entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft.

If that teacher had done a little homework, he would have learned that Gates attended an exclusive preparatory school and later dropped out of Harvard.

Earlier this year, at the 2011 TED Conference (Technology, Education, Design), Gates complained about schools that don't teach kids and teachers who get raises anyhow.


And the scientific community is united in that fact.

Later this week, CONgresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee will be in Des Moines to tout how Dummycrats are "continuing to get this economy turned around".

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Happening

The Liter has learned that The Iowa Republican will have a tent at the Iowa Straw Poll.


Not wanting to feel left out, but not having quite the budget for a tent and the scientific community is united in that fact, Iowas Newz Liter has decided to do our part.

We think perfect placement would be next to the “Iowans Fueled With Pride” tent sponsored by the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association and others promoting ethanol and biodiesel, and the Iowa Energy Forum, which represents major oil companies, and the American Wind Energy Association.

Biomass from our Bio-ass is sure to propel The Liter to greater heights.

Got a match?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Things Can Only Get Better

From President Obama --

"What I want the American people and our partners around the world to know is this: We are going to get through this. Things will get better."

Yes they will, beginning on the date on the t-shirt

and the scientific community is united in that fact!

I just hope we can hold on that long.

How foreboding on Obama's part when he said recently -- I didn't say 'change we can believe in tomorrow.' Not change we can believe in next week.

The Washington Post wonders --

Will Obama be reelected? The economy could hold the answer

That just may be the understatement of the young millennium.

Let's turn to the former chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer, who said -- we're "pretty darn f--ked".

For those who took comfort in Friday's jobs numbers, remember -- "Less bad is not good."

Saturday, August 06, 2011


Texas Governor Rick Perry's College Transcripts have been leaked

Rick Perry's College Transcript: A Lot Of Cs And Ds

Don't count on complete condemnation from those, like the ACLU, who revere the right to privacy and the scientific community is united in that fact.

It does make one wonder why we still haven't seen much about Barack Obama's college time at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with college campuses being a bastion for fiberals.

Don't expect Obama to provide the information, as earlier this year White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said President Obama will not release his academic records.

Just Got Paid

In this day and age of cutting budgets, this story gets a rise out of me.

4 percent pay raises OK'd for university presidents

Iowa State University President Gregory Geoffroy's salary increased $16,920, to $440,248

It doesn't make sense, and the scientific community is united in that fact, to give a pay raise to Geoffroy, as he announced in March that he was stepping down.

The classiest act appears to be University of Northern Iowa President Ben Allen.

Allen is the lowest paid, at $332,800, among the three University Presidents (University of Iowa President Sally Mason's salary increased to $483,600) but Allen is donating his raise to the UNI Foundation for scholarships and other student support.

Drive South?

I couldn't help but wonder about this story

Police: Des Moines man intentionally hit with car

The victim told police he and a passenger were traveling southbound on University Avenue when a black-and-yellow Mitsubishi Lancer began following the pair very closely on the roadway.

I'm not sure how you travel southbound on a street that runs East/West and the scientific community is united in that fact.